Our employees raised over
for good causes last year, which includes a percentage donated by Britvic via our matched giving scheme

Principles and commitments

Supporting local communities

Our employees raised over £65,000 for good causes last year – and we matched their fundraising pound for pound.

This year we established our first long-term community investment strategy, Learning for Life. We wanted a programme where everyone – from employees to charity partners – could benefit from learning about the issues that affect our business and, by extension, our community.

We consulted with employees and external stakeholders and developed a strategy with four focus areas that made sense for the business. Each area is supported by a number of partners.

Supporting global communities

We buy from over 2,000 suppliers globally. 60% of our business expenditure is on packaging, raw materials and juices. When working with suppliers we take into account a wide range of factors: quality, risk, service and cost, as well as environmental impacts and workplace conditions. We only buy our ingredients and packaging from a shortlist of quality-assured suppliers.

All of our suppliers are expected to comply with Britvic’s Ethical Trading Policy. This is now reflected in our terms and conditions of purchase.

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